What we do?

Superior eLearning by Design

Who are we?

Trivantis, a global leader and pioneer in end-to-end eLearning solutions since 1999, develops leading-edge software and provides unmatched services to resolve the toughest challenges of any organization.

For nearly two decades, Fortune 500 and Global 2,000 Corporations, SMBs, Government and Military Agencies, Non-Profit Organizations and Academic Institutions across the globe have embraced Trivantis solutions to drive innovation and improve delivery of training and certification for employees, partners and clients.

With expertise across more than 35 industries and all business functions, Trivantis builds and delivers transformational courses for a demanding new digital world.

How do we innovate?

To remain competitive in our ever-evolving society, organizations must continually improve their talent management. Trivantis takes an innovation-led approach that encourages clients to "imagine and invent" the future of their eLearning strategy. Trivantis Complete Solutions allow our clients to invent, develop, and deliver comprehensive learning solutions to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

Why an “All-in-One”Solution?

Trivantis understands that organizations require solutions to improve outcomes and meet their objectives, which is why we have integrated our award-winning software solutions with content creation services, on-demand support and training programs and powerful reporting capabilities that provide direct access to learning and business metrics across divisions of the organization.

Last, but not least, Trivantis Complete is a comprehensive all-inclusive solution that provides access to all of our products and services at one fixed annual price per year, eliminating any budget increases for unexpected changes to the organization.

What sets us apart?

By the numbers!

Serving clients for

19 years

Offering services in

122 countries

Working across

35 industries

Delivering over

400 Million


What about the technology?

To guarantee your success, we integrated in Trivantis Complete Solution a unique authoring platform that does the heavy lifting of creating virtually any kind of responsive eLearning content, providing a collaborative and review tool, and hosting a state of the art Learning Management System that delivers personalized learning experiences across multiple devices and includes xAPI – LRS capabilities.

How do we ensure delivery?

With nearly 20 years of experience in the eLearning industry and an unmatched product offering, our team has the knowledge, expertise and tools to guarantee that your eLearning strategy succeeds. Now energized with investment from Stone Calibre, our vision of taking customers forward together to realize the power of technology is stronger than ever.

Partnering with more than 3,000 clients