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Laura Overton - Opening Keynote

Laura Overton

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Keynote Speaker

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Preparing for the Bright Future of Learning

Technology is changing the learning industry; those who embrace the change and take inspiration from technology, their peers, and their learners will succeed.

When business is changing rapidly and learners are under more pressure than ever before, L&D has a unique opportunity to make real difference to both performance and employee engagement. The future is bright but L&D needs to adapt—fast.

Drawing on research with over 4,400 L&D leaders and 20,000 learners around the globe, Laura Overton, Founder and CEO of Towards Maturity, will share practical insights that have been gleaned from the world’s top-performing organizations.

Discover how you can design learning that engages the new, modern learner and wins the hearts and minds of business leaders. You’ll take home bright new ideas for your courses, your training programs, and your future.

Laura’s expertise comes from 30 years of practical experience looking at learning innovation for business advantages. It is backed by her independent research since 2003 when she authored “Linking Learning To Business” —one of the first industry benchmark studies with both organizations and learners investigating good practices of successful implementations. She heads up Towards Maturity, a not for profit benchmarking organization dedicated to helping L&D leaders drive business performance through learning innovation. Laura is a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), academic fellow of the CIPD, has published over 150 articles, reports and case studies, and has been voted #1 mover and shaker in eLearning in the UK and 6th in the globe.

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