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eLearning White Papers

If you are new to eLearning and want some basic literature explaining concepts, you’ve reached the right place. Below are some brief eLearning whitepapers you can read with basic information about how easy it is getting started with eLearning.

3 Ways Virtual Reality Training is Producing Better Outcomes

Virtual reality isn’t just a trendy choice. It’s an improved way of bringing content to employees. The delivery method has been proven to increase retention, improve empathy, and show significant results.Download PDF

Responsive Course Design

Learn more about the benefits of responsive design in mLearning and how Lectora's Responsive Course Design feature helps you create the best viewing experience across all devices.Read More

Factors to Consider When Choosing an LMS

Understand key components of a Learning Management System (LMS) and the factors to consider when sourcing, purchasing and implementing an LMS for your organization.Read More

What is Rapid eLearning?

Since the emergence of the phrase rapid eLearning, e‑Learning thought leaders have interpreted the term in many different ways, and the debate continues.Read More

5 Myths About eLearning

Uncover the real truth behind 5 of the most common eLearning myths.Read More

Storyboarding for eLearning

Learn why storyboarding is a valuable technique for creating eLearning courses and discover what elements should be included to create an effective storyboard.Read More

What Does Section 508 Compliance Mean for Your eLearning Course?

Learn what Section 508 compliance means in the eLearning industry and discover practical tips for creating accessible, 508 compliant eLearning courses.Read More

What is eLearning Localization?

Get the details behind eLearning localization and how choosing an authoring tool that is translation-friendly can help you localize your courses in no time.Read More

Mobile Learning is Calling – Are You Answering?

Uncover mobile learning trends like BYOD and cloud computing, and learn how to successfully implement a mobile learning strategy in your organization.Read More

What is eLearning?

This is a great place to begin if online training is new to you or your organization. You’ll learn the basic tools and methods to develop and share eLearning content including authoring tools, publishing options and LMSs.Read More

Evaluating eLearning Software

Choosing the best eLearning software for your needs can be a hard decision. It’s important to consider these key factors to help make the best choice including accessibility, compatibility and usability of authoring tools, learning management systems (LMS) and content management systems.Read More

What is an Authoring Tool?

Discover how authoring tools are much more than they may seem. You’ll learn how the right tool can make it possible to create custom, interactive and engaging eLearning content.Read More

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Authoring Tool

New to eLearning? Consider these useful tips as you begin your search for the perfect eLearning authoring tool to fit your needs.Read More

Using eLearning Templates

In a time crunch? Lectora has hundreds of professionally custom designed templates to help you jumpstart your eLearning course.Read More