Lectora Online Known Issues

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Lectora Online currently has the following known issues:

All issues are current as of 4/12/2019

Select the appropriate tab below to review specific known issues. Please see the Release Notes for a full list of issues resolved in the most recent release.

Resolved in Release 4.1.0 Objects Application Publish Resolved in Release 4.1.0


  • LO-7244 Embedded images in text blocks might cause a problem for XLIFF translations and older titles


  • LO-4287 Audio, Speaker icon should be a tab stop item Run mode, double tab required to play via space-bar when published.
  • LO-620 Copying text in a title that has a background set at the plate level will cause the background color to be inserted into the copied text. This is seen when pasting the text. This is a problem with Chrome and Safari on Mac. Workaround: Paste using Ctrl+Shift+V or if you have already pasted the text select / cut / and then re-paste using Ctrl+Shift+V.
  • LO-1902 Table of Contents does not handle random test sections
  • LO-3285 When applying certain textures to shapes, they are applied as a solid color when outline weight is odd - Edit mode only
  • LO-3886 Chrome; objects filled with images that have transparency can appear choppy in Run and Edit modes.
  • LO-4195 Gradients applied to Stock Button turns Normal/Disabled States into a Square
  • LO-4329 Buttons are left in over state after being activated by keyboard.
  • LO-5294 When cropping a Vaast linked image Lectora Online hangs
  • LO-5654 eLearning Brothers Stock Assets added with incorrect size
  • LO-6305 Importing a pkg from Lectora Online into Lectora desktop v17 or earlier will result in a missing image on newly added stock buttons. Workaround: reselect proper image for the button (we recommend upgrading to the latest version of Lectora Desktop)


  • LO-3026 Make CurrentTime and CurrentDate variables display the same in all browsers, and/or customizable
  • LO-3729 Callout shadow positions are off when callout tail is extended.
  • LO-3732 xAPI - Hot Spot question graded individually - issues with statements on ScormCloud
  • LO-3833 Buttons with borders applied only in other states are cut off when state is viewed.
  • LO-3858 Inline Variables - VAR(AICC_Course_ID) showing up blank in Scorm Cloud
  • LO-3888 Unused resources warning, but resources have been removed according to Resource Manager
  • LO-4011 Some bullet types imported from Lectora Inspire or Publisher are not available in this version.
  • LO-4331 Print - some objects not printing
  • LO-4418 In Run Mode, Mute does not persist across pages
  • LO-5760 Custom fonts are not being recognized. Font is not displayed in ribbon in FireFox only.


  • LO-4783 Scale Content option makes text fuzzy/blurry when there is a video on the page
  • LO-4910 Several user issues with random object re-positioning and red errors on publish