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ReviewLink currently has the following known issues:

All issues are current as of 11/09/2017

Select the appropriate tab below to review specific known issues. Please see the Release Notes for a full list of issues resolved in the most recent release.

Resolved in Release RL 3.5 Comments Tab My Published Content Resolved in Release RL 3.5

  • RL-551, RL-748, RL-350, RL-686, RL-688, RL-729, RL-730, RL-734, RL-777, RL-862, RL-864
  • For the most accurate results using the responsive view buttons, be sure your content is published using the latest version of Lectora Publisher and Lectora Online.

Comments Tab

  • RL-551: Comments with "Needs Attention" status don't show up when you click the needs attention button for reviewer accounts
  • RL-748: Sorting in the Sort by field in Android does not update the field with the text of the option selected.

My Published Content

  • RL-350: Captivate - Non-SCORM Captivate Courses That Contain "Double Quotes" in the Page Names Do Not Upload
  • RL-686: Drawing an arrow over previous drawings causes the previous drawing to disappear and reappear based on position of arrow (IOS)
  • RL-688: Unable to scroll to the New Comments/Respond pane on Android phone to add comments if all three panes (Comments on this page, Comment Thread, and New Comment/Respond) are open. * WorkAround: Collapse the two top panes (Comments on this page and Comment Thread) and the New Comments/Respond pane would be visible.
  • RL-729: Draw is not working for SCORM contents (Microsoft Edge)
  • RL-730: The draw button on Captivate title is not grayed out
  • RL-734: Issues with floating keyboard on Andriod mobile devices while in portrait mode: On tablet, keyboard will cause content to display in the area above, and appear as landscape. On phones, keyboard will overlay entry field if two or more panels are open. *Workaround: Close any open panels prior to entering comments.
  • RL-777: RCD Lectora Desktop Seamless contents are not responsive in Phone & Tablet Landscape views on Mozilla browser.
  • RL-862: Height dimension for RCD Lectora Desktop Non-Seamless contents is not changing according to device selected
  • RL-864: Width & Height dimension for RCD Lectora Online Seamless & Non-Seamless contents is not changing according to device selected