How Auto-Owners Insurance Is Using CourseMill and Lectora to Create and Deliver Self-paced Training

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How Auto-Owners Insurance Is Using CourseMill and Lectora to Create and Deliver Self-paced Training

Auto-Owners Insurance


Auto-Owners Insurance is the 16th largest insurer in the United States and has been in business for over 100 years. Each department has a training team that creates specific training for associates in the corresponding department. In the Claims Education and Training department, Zoa Bonofiglio is a Training Coordinator and the Instructional Designer. Andy Lockwood is a Training Coordinator and the Instructional Developer in the same department.

When Zoa joined the company, Auto-Owners Insurance had just implemented CourseMill® as their learning management system (LMS), which was chosen by a collective team. At that time, Auto-Owners Insurance was already using Lectora® Inspire as their authoring tool. They’ve also added ReviewLink™, an online review tool, in the last year.


Auto-Owners Insurance needed an LMS to keep track of associate training. In the Claims Education and Training department where Andy and Zoa work, they needed an LMS that would track how employees work through different training courses.

Specifically, they needed to deliver employee training that is non-linear (in addition to the already-created linear training). They also needed to be able to track progress and scores in this non-linear training and communicate with managers on how associates are doing through the LMS—and CourseMill was up to the task.

In Zoa and Andy’s latest curriculum for associate training and development, the team is pushing the boundaries on how they will use CourseMill. This new course is called “Claim Representative Training,” or CRT. By making this course less linear in Lectora, the end user has more choices, so they’ll be asking CourseMill to communicate with managers in different ways than before.


Zoa and Andy decided to use Lectora to create the non-linear “Claim Representative Training” and have CourseMill deliver and track the training. Zoa designed the course flow, determining how they could provide the learners with choices, and Andy built it in Lectora.

“With scenarios and gamification, we can give them a more well-rounded learning opportunity,” said Zoa. “Past training was more presentation structured.”

Zoa said that when they were in the process of brainstorming CRT and how the end user was going to move through the training, they had a lot of discussion about how it would be housed in CourseMill. “CourseMill provided us several different ways of how we wanted to house CRT,” she said. “Then it sent us down this road of developing a virtual experience—where you’re actually going through a place of learning and going around the room, clicking on things, and engaging with things.”

The virtual training room

The virtual training room

“CourseMill provided us several different ways of how we wanted to house [our training],” – Zoa Bonofiglio, Auto-Owners Insurance

In the course, learners see a two-dimensional training room. Clicking on objects in the training room takes them to different videos, activities, or worksheets that they can download. For example, if learners click on a laptop, or a picture on the whiteboard, it might take them to an activity. There’s also a board in the room that shows progress.

The workflow in Lectora

Lectora Inspire's workflow, showing activities learners can access from this page

The To Do List shows training progress

The To Do List shows progress as learners complete training activities

Although the module was self-paced, Zoa and Andy still needed to use CourseMill to show tracking. “We’re trying to ask learners for behavioral change, so we need them to touch content in different ways for mastery,” said Zoa. “Some of these critical activities are checkpoints. They’re not set up like a quiz, but are as authentic and engaging of activities as they can be.”

Andy used Lectora’s development tools to ensure learners complete certain content before moving on in the course. “Using Lectora, I’m able to make quizzes not look like tests,” said Andy. “If you don’t get a certain score, or progress points, the manager should be notified that you’re struggling.” The manager can then provide the struggling associate with additional support if needed.

Drag and drop exercise example

An example of a learning check drag and drop exercise


Auto-Owners Insurance has claim representative training about 1-2 times per month, so they want to make sure they get a good ROI. With the new self-paced training, they hope that many employees will be more productive and complete training in half the amount of time. Training that might have taken a full 2 weeks to complete can now be completed in as little as 1 week.

Zoa and Andy appreciate the ease of using CourseMill for reporting and the ability to narrow down reports to a specific group of learners. “It’s definitely nice that we can send out Excel spreadsheets [from CourseMill],” said Andy.

In addition, the ability to make the self-paced training notify managers when an associate is struggling is extremely important for efficiency. It also ensures that everyone understands the training enough to use the concepts while handling real claims with customers.

“I like CourseMill because it’s very self explanatory,” said Andy. “What you want, you just click on. It’s all very easy to understand and doesn’t take long for me to teach anyone else in the department to use it.”

“I like CourseMill because it’s very self explanatory.” – Andy Lockwood, Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance has also seen benefits from using ReviewLink for course review. “I think ReviewLink is fabulous. We’re able to beta test everything,” said Zoa. “It’s time consuming to schedule meetings with everyone, so with ReviewLink we get immediate feedback from individuals. It’s made rapid design so much quicker.”

Andy added, “With ReviewLink, I can actually go to the page where someone is commenting and know exactly what part of the course that person is talking about.”

Scenario activity example

An example of a scenario activity from “Claim Representative Training”

Using the complete Trivantis eLearning solution—Lectora, CourseMill, and ReviewLink—has made the entire process seamless for Auto-Owners Insurance—from course creation and review to delivery and tracking. “[The products] all communicate together very easily,” said Andy. “And it works very well on our end too. There’s no need to transfer and flip switches to make sure it’s all working together.”

“The products all communicate together very easily.” – Andy Lockwood, Auto-Owners Insurance

“It makes the whole process more effective and efficient,” said Zoa.

Another activity example

Another activity example from “Claim Representative Training”

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