CourseMill Talent Management FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions about CourseMill Talent Management.

Does CourseMill Talent Management need to be used with an LMS?

Yes, in order to use CourseMill Talent Management, you must have a learning management system (LMS). Both products will work together to identify and eliminate learning gaps—helping you create the most effective training program possible.

Can I use it with any LMS or is there a specific one I must use?

You can use CourseMill Talent Management with any LMS you choose. We do recommend CourseMill LMS.

Is the product hosted online or installed?

CourseMill Talent Management is an online software-as-a-service platform.

How secure is my content on CourseMill Talent Management? What type of back up is provided?

We’ve got your back! We provide 24/7 monitoring of the server, connectivity and data centers. CourseMill Talent Management is backed by a scalable, load-balanced web server environment, continuous backup to multiple locations, a Global Tier 1 network and a secured environment.

Can I get more info on the tech specs?

Sure! Here you go:


  • Scalable load-balanced web server environment
  • High-availability clustered database server
  • Continuous backup to multiple remote locations
  • 24/7 monitoring and server health response team
  • Software upgrades, patches and updates

Global Tier 1 Network

  • High capacity backbone
  • More direct paths, routing options and peering points = fewer hops and faster response
  • Private and public peering
  • 24/7 monitoring of connectivity
  • Built-in redundancies
  • Excellent engineering support services

Premier Data Center

  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • 24/7 monitoring of data centers
  • Redundant connections to system backbone
  • Secured environment
  • Redundant, uninterruptible power supplies
  • Fire detection/suppression systems

What browsers are supported?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or greater, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or greater, Google Chrome 2.0 or greater and Apple Safari 2.0 or greater.