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Where are your employees right now?

Are they all sitting at their desks in the office, dutifully typing away? No—they’re on the go, they’re working from home, they’re visiting a plant in Kentucky, scoping out a new site location in Arizona, stuck in Chicago O’Hare Airport on the longest layover ever, crossing the English Channel in the Eurotunnel shuttle… You get the idea.

So why not let them complete their training on the go—right on their smartphones or tablets?

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Want more details? Here’s how it works:


1. Deliver

Your employees download the CourseMill Mobile app. You send content to the app from your learning management system. Employees access that content on their phones or tablets—from anywhere! Yup, m-Learning really can be that easy.

✓ iOS & Android

CourseMill Mobile works on both iOS and Android devices. This keeps everyone happy, plus it eliminates the pain of compatibility hassles.



2. Track

The app tracks user SCORM data like Status, % complete and completion date and sends it all back to you. So you know when your team has completed training and how quickly they finished the content.

✓ Online or Offline

With this mobile learning management system, your team can always get to the content you send—even offline. The CourseMill Mobile app saves progress and scores on the device and then automatically sends that data to your LMS once a user’s phone or tablet reconnects to the internet.


3. Manage

You can deliver specific content and tests to groups you choose in your organization. Plus, generate reports in Excel, Live Excel or Dashboards to share with management. All content is stored right in CourseMill or your LMS.

✓ App + LMS = Mobile Learning

CourseMill Mobile is built off our learning management system, CourseMill, which means it already knows how to play nice with an LMS. You can manage your m-Learning content within CourseMill Mobile or within an LMS.

✓ A Sense of Security

Looking for a mobile learning solution that will keep your corporate data safe? CourseMill Mobile exceeds all known security requirements in the industry (over-the-air, in-the-cloud, single sign-on security and double encryption), so your learners can safely use their own preferred devices.

Give us a try. You'll be in good company.


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