CourseMill Known Issues

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CourseMill currently has the following known issues:

All issues are current as of 08/18/2017

Select the appropriate tab below to review specific known issues. Please see the Release Notes for a full list of issues resolved in the most recent release.

Calendar Course Catalog Dashboard Emails Managed Properties My Courses Resources Transcript Miscellanous Calendar

  • Curriculums do not appear on the Calendar

Course Catalog

  • In Grid view of Course Catalog you can't sort by enrolled status


  • After using the Manage Dashboard dialog to set positions of the panels the panels may change positions after navigating to other pages.
  • In the Manage Dashboard dialog clicking on the reset and/or cancel button may cause the dashboard to alter its layout.


  • HTML notifications that are displayed via an email are not showing as HTML
  • Students can email instructor even if no session level email is allowed

Managed Properties

  • Managed property AllowMultiple Sessions is not supported properly. When set to No a user can still create multiple sessions.
  • Managed property changes are not applied unless user logs out and back into the CourseMill.
  • Managed property ForceAssignCurriculums is not supported
  • Managed properties IgnoreSubOrgRestrictionsForCoursesInCatalog and IgnoreSubOrgRestrictionsForCoursesInCurriculum are not supported.
  • Managed properties HideCoursesBlockedByPrereqs and HideCurriculumsBlockedByPrereqs are not supported.

My Courses

  • Status of curriculum may show as Not Attemped when it actually should be Incomplete


  • The search feature feature does not work on the Resources page


  • Additional Course Info is not being displayed on the detailed transcript report


  • As an admin if you force a log ot of a user from the View Logged-In Users dialog the user does not get logged out.
  • Curriculum due dates override the due dates of any course within the curriculum.