CourseMill 7.5 Release Notes

CourseMill 7.5 Enhancements and Modifications

The following changes have been made to the CourseMill Product (Released On: May 1, 2017) :

New Features

New Student Interface

The CourseMill Student Interface has been completely redesigned to better enable students to manage their courses, stay informed, and communicate with students and instructors.

  • Dashboard: The dashboard allows students to keep track of the information they need at a glance. Each panel is designed to present the most up-to-date, relevant information they need. Students can monitor coursework progress, check today's schedule, or respond to an email message, for example. Students can select which panels to display, and they can also move and resize the panels in the order that works for them.
  • My Courses: The My Courses tab has been designed to allow students to choose between two views - a card view that displays thumbnails and key details or a grid view that contains rows for each course or curriculum. Both views allow students to conduct a Keyword search or an Advanced Search with additional filters. Select a course or curriculum to launch the Course or Curriculum Details page. From here, students can access a description, email the instructor, launch prerequisites, and of course, launch the content items.
  • Course Catalog: Like the My Courses tab, the Course Catalog page also provides two views - a card layout and a grid layout. The Course Catalog will allow students to quickly enroll in courses, or choose to launch the Course Details page to preview the course first.
  • Calendar: From the Calendar tab, students can Switch between the Month and Day views of the calendar to stay informed of approaching due dates and classes.
  • Email: If internal email is enabled, students will have the opportunity to email directly with course instructors in a convenient central location.
  • News: The News tab displays any company news, scheduled maintenance, or other important announcements you wish to provide.
  • Transcript: Transcripts are easy to access at any time directly from the Transcript tab. Students can view, download or print a transcript to monitor their scores, view curriculum and course progress, and display the certificates they have received.
  • Community: A redesigned Discussion Board and Chat feature allow students to easily communicate in real-time. Students can post entries and replies to the Discussion Board, enter a Chat Room based on a course or session, or send an instant message directly to another student in their organization. These options are all customizable by the Administrator and Instructor.
  • Resources: Administrators can post organization-wide documents that are available to all users within an organization. These can include schedules for upcoming events or site closings, for example.

New Mobile Application

If your organization has enabled the use of our mobile application, you’ll have access to a new and improved app. Changes to the application include:

  • A new user interface with both a card view and a list view
  • A course detail page where you can download, launch, or remove any course item
  • Search, sort, and filter capabilities
  • Support for non-SCORM content items, such as PDFs, audio, and video files


As a part of the redesign of the student user interface, the underlying structure of CourseMill has been rewritten as an API. This API allows you to programmatically call any function within CourseMill, giving you the ability to write custom interfaces, reporting, and integration with other platforms. The current programming guide for the API is available at:

Issues Fixed

CM-309: Updated security measures for Self-registered User emails

CM-308: Updated security measures for Forgot Password functionality

CM-346: Inactive users can be enrolled via auto enrolled suborgs, resulting in enrollment notifications

CM-406: Issues importing two different SCO items in a course

CM-420: Updated default certificate with new design

CM-441: Not All enrolled courses show in Student’s Enrolled Course list if there is a course with no content

CM-461: Meeting Days displayed Monday-Friday to the Student when a session is set to No Days of the Week

CM-464: Self-registration of a student in a mobile-enabled organization causes an error