Trivantis' Top 10 Reasons to Attend DevLearn 2018

DevLearn is always a great show for Trivantis and training professionals to attend. It’s an event that brings together a community of people who have the same passions and interests into one venue for conversation and learning - which is what we love to see! DevLearn is also a great time for us at Trivantis to reach out and talk to people about what we’ve been up to lately. From authoring tools to xAPI, virtual reality to video, and everything in between, we have been busy!That’s why we’re excited to be exhibiting at booth 116 this year. Make sure you come over and say “hi”. We’ll be showing off our latest developments and giving away some coveted raffle prizes - details are coming soon!However, if you’re not sure whether to attend this year, you may want to register ASAP after you read our top 10 reasons (in no particular order) to attend DevLearn 2018.

Powering Next-Gen Learning with VR and xAPI (Session)

Curious to see what virtual reality looks like in real life? Or to see what happens when virtual reality is backed by the power of xAPI? John Blackmon, Chief Technology Officer at Trivantis, Melissa Milloway, Sr. Learning Experience Designer at Amazon, and Margaret Roth, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Yet Analytics, are looking at how virtual reality powered by xAPI is currently being used by instructional designers, learning engineers, and L&D professionals to gain new insights from next-gen learning experiences. They’ll be exploring real-life case studies that demonstrate how VR interactions allow learners to explore and participate in engaging and intuitive 360-degree virtual environments designed to expand their vision and promote learning, impact, and retention.

Announcements/Sneak Peeks

DevLearn seems to be the place to announce new technologies and give users a sneak peek at what’s to come. At DevLearn 2017 we introduced the world to CenarioVR, our easy-to-use, online authoring tool for creating virtual reality simulations. But this year we’re introducing a different type of e-learning “vision”. Our new tool, “Insights”, provides real-time data to quickly identify performance gaps and obstacles to achieving the best possible results. Just consider it the ultimate eLearning shortcut!

Creating Mobile Learning in Top Authoring Tools (Session)

Jennifer Bertram, VP of Client Services, and Kathryn Steele, Multimedia Developer, from Bottom-Line Performance, will be chatting about recommended approaches for stakeholder communication and how to clarify goals for learners accessing the course. Plus, they will share how to approach the instructional and visual design processes to ensure the best outcome for both the phone and desktop. They’ll cover best practices for creating a learner-centric mobile UI and UX, and how to evaluate whether your eLearning authoring tool will do what you want it to on the phone. Since we have a passion for mobile here at Trivantis, we know the conversation is sure to be filled with great information as it relates to authoring tools like Lectora.


We’re all suckers for a great grab bag! Bring on the t-shirts, stress balls, and heck - we’ll even take a pen or two. Don’t forget to stop by the Trivantis Booth (116) to enter our giveaway too! You could win an Oculus Go.

Industry Leader Panel: The Future of eLearning Development (Session)

Andrew Scivally, Co-Founder of eLearning Brothers, sits down with the executives of Adobe, Trivantis, Claro, and Adapt. In this session, Andrew plans on asking them where they would like to see the technology go. They’ll cover 2019 and beyond, plus their predictions, so here we come! It shouldn’t be hard to imagine the future with so many thought leaders in the room including Trivantis’ own John Blackmon, Chief Technology Officer.

Flip Learning Like a Rockstar! (Session)

Need to combine instructor-led training and eLearning? Enter flipped learning, the instructional strategy of delivering in-person material outside of the classroom. Chris Willis, Senior Product Manager of Customizable Courseware for eLearning Brothers, will provide all the details including easy, low-cost tips for increasing engagement and impact. The courses that will be mentioned are built and customizable in Lectora and Lectora Online, so we’re excited to see what Chris has created.


It’s nice to meet new people! It’s especially great when they have the same interests as you. Make sure you say ”hi” to someone new and let us know if you bond because of Lectora, Lectora Online, CenarioVR, or another Trivantis product on Twitter (@Lectora or @Trivantis).

Getting Started with xAPI in Rapid Authoring Tools (Session)

Bill Milstid, a Senior Designer/Developer at eLearning Brothers, has got your xAPI deep dive covered! He’s going to discuss:

  • How Lectora handles out-of-the-box xAPI statements and custom xAPI statements
  • How to construct an xAPI launch path
  • How to get a better-than-free LRS for xAPI testing and so much more!


Demofest, according to the eLearning Guild, the host of DevLearn, “is a showcase of technology-based learning and performance support projects with a special focus on not just the projects themselves but also the results they’ve produced.” What we love about this concept is that it can be summed up in one word: INSPIRATION.

Making 508 Accessible to Developers (Session)

Struggling with Section 508 compliance? You’re not alone! Being 508-compliant is meant to make your courses more accessible, but creating 508-compliant courses can be very difficult. Different requirements, changing definitions, and clarifying expectations will add hours to any project. Join Daryl Fleary, Vice President of Business Solutions at Trivantis, to explore the in’s and out’s of making an accessible course.

The Jury’s Out

So, do you agree with our list? What are you most excited to see, do, or experience at DevLearn 2018? Comment below!Or, want an up-close look at what’s happening at Trivantis? Make an appointment with Melanie Thompson ( for a personalized demo at the conference.