Trivantis Provides Free eLearning Course Creation Software to Educators Impacted by COVID-19

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL – March 17, 2020 –As part of its longstanding commitment to academic institutions, Trivantis, the creator of its flagship eLearning authoring tool, Lectora, has a plan to help schools closing their campuses due to the

Working Remotely

coronavirus outbreak: it is offering free Lectora Online Team Plans to those in need of remote learning technology. Lectora, which is widely used by some of the world’s largest organizations, including global enterprises, academic institutions, government agencies, and all five U.S. military branches, can help these schools transition to a cloud-based campus while minimizing disruptions to students’ curricula.“At Trivantis, we are committed to helping schools thrive despite a very difficult time. By helping educators move their courses to an online environment, no student nor school will get left behind,” said Laura Silver, Chief Operating Officer of Trivantis. The cloud-based Lectora accounts, which will be free to schools in need through June 30th, 2020, are specifically designed to keep students engaged when taking online courses. While many institutions already have tools in place to educate students remotely, other academic institutions may not have the technology nor budget to move their classrooms to a remote environment. “Dealing with a health crisis is already very disruptive but keeping learning alive at least provides some form of normalcy during this unpredictable and serious coronavirus pandemic,” said John Blackmon, CEO of Trivantis.

In order for Trivantis to prepare for this COVID-19 relief effort, the latest version of Lectora Online, which includes new multimedia recording and editing features, was released ahead of schedule. By equipping users with the ability to create and share videos and screen recordings with learners, teachers can now record lectures with a webcam and synchronize them with a PowerPoint presentation to help students feel more connected during an isolating time period.“Chances are, if a school is new to eLearning, they will start with a basic Lectora feature: converting PowerPoint files into online courses. However, since we don’t know how long this pandemic will last, we decided to ensure teachers have full access to Lectora, which allows them to create accessible and effective remote learning experiences,” said Joe Wieloch, Chief Architect of Lectora at Trivantis.Academic institutions, who are in need of eLearning tools, are encouraged to reach out to the Trivantis sales team at to get started. Furthermore, if an organization is impacted by COVID-19 and does not qualify for this academic offer, they are still encouraged to reach out to Trivantis. “We should be flexible during this time of need and will do everything we can to help organizations remain operational during this period of uncertainty,” said John Blackmon, CEO of Trivantis. “This includes offering affordable options for our CourseMill LMS [Learning Management System]” For more information about this limited-time offer, please visit our information page or email Or, to schedule an interview with the executive team, please contact Christie Calahan at About TrivantisTrivantis® is the award-winning eLearning software company that has been driving innovation for twenty years. Its widely used products include Lectora® for authoring, CenarioVR® for immersive learning, ReviewLink™ for collaboration, and CourseMill® for learning management. As the industry leader of learning accessibility, Trivantis serves a broad global client base including large enterprises, SMBs, government agencies, and educational institutions.