The Top Three Benefits of Lectora's Huge Stock Library

Lectora® Now Has 40X More Stock Images & Vectors

Quickly find the right image (photo, illustration, and more) for your eLearning!

Having a library of stock assets at your fingertips is incredibly convenient. What can be better than having a large assortment of creative assets available at a few clicks of the mouse? How about access to even more assets than ever before?

eLearning Brothers has made our library even better, with over 120 million all-new stock images, illustrations, and vector art. What does this mean for you? Here's a quick rundown of the top three benefits of our vast stock library.

  1. It's available inside of Lectora® Online and Lectora® Inspire! Now that Lectora is jamming as part of the eLearning Brothers' band, you now have unlimited access to one of the most robust collections of images available for your eLearning needs. The sheer quantity alone rocks — our library has grown from 3.5 million to over 120 million!
  2. Find the exact image you need instantly and accurately. Enhanced search functionality means that you can find the right creative for your project. Regardless of your audience, our additional filters and improved search engine make it easy for you to find the perfect picture.
  3. Variety, variety, variety! With more than 40 times the amount of stock images and vectors, the sheer number of options available lets you create using endless combinations! Use photo-realistic imagery, infographics, illustrations, enhance your scenes with backgrounds, stylize with vector art, and more. Making content that connects with your audience has never been easier to do!

Don't just take our word for it. Check out the massive library for yourself by firing up Lectora!