It’s Time for a Pop Quiz!


For this pop quiz, YOU create the questions—because that’s our theme for our current Lectora® Contest on the Trivantis® Community.How do you enter? Create an eLearning module for a fictitious course on any subject you want to teach. Your module must contain an assessment with at least 3 questions. It’s your opportunity to practice and show off your Lectora development skills using any of Lectora’s 12 different question types, including matching, hot spots, and ranking.The Trivantis team has been creating contest entries too (because it’s just that fun—we can’t actually win our own contests). For a burst of inspiration, Stephanie Ivec agreed to let me share some of her course entry with you.


Stephanie’s eLearning module is a course on a public art project called The Big Pig Gig in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Trivantis headquarters. Here’s part of her pop quiz below. For the quiz, learners must drag and drop each flying pig statue to its real-life location on the map of downtown Cincinnati.


(And when you attend LUC 2017, you can take your own selfie with these famous pig statues.)Need more inspiration? Check out the entry that last month’s winner, Andy Lockwood, submitted. I also liked the responsive course that Karlis Sprogis created for our previous contest. You too could be creating a great contest entry to build your eLearning portfolio, practice your development skills, and maybe even win!

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