Thursday’s Trending eLearning Topic: Responsive Design


Do you need to create mobile courses efficiently? Then you’ll definitely want to look into Responsive Course Design™ (RCD) in Lectora® authoring tools—if you haven’t already. With the Responsive Course Design solution in Lectora, you only have to design once, in the desktop view, and content is automatically sized and positioned for tablet and phone views (in both landscape and portrait).So, whether you want to research Responsive Course Design more or you already have it, you can use this roundup of great resources.If you’re new to RCD, you may want to start with the Responsive Course Design white paper by John Blackmon, Trivantis® CTO.Ready for more RCD? Check out all the helpful resources below.Articles on RCD:

Recorded Webinars and Video Tutorials:

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Ready to create a responsive course? Show us your skills in the RCD Lectora Contest on the Trivantis Community.Want to try Responsive Course Design in Lectora? Sign up for a free trial today.