Thursday’s Trending e-Learning Topic: mLearning

The trending topic for this Thursday is mLearning! This e-Learning trend is growing at an incredible speed. About 75% of the US workforce is already mobile—and IDC predicts that by 2015 the number will reach 1.3 billion people worldwide or 37.2% of the global workforce.That’s why Lectora® University has tons of awesome and free resources to help you in all stages of your mLearning development:Download these free templates for creating mobile e-Learning content: Getting Started with mLearningCheck out our NEW mLearning Whitepaper: Mobile Learning is Calling—Are You Answering?Use this how-to course for helpful step-by-step instructions: Creating Content forTablets – A Designer’s GuideRead these blogs and learn great tips to try in your own mLearning development:BYOD: The Trend and the ChallengeAdd Gesture-Based Interaction to mLearning CoursesHow to Convert an HTML Course with Java and Flash Components to Be Lectora and iPad FriendlySo what are you waiting for? With all these mLearning templates and tutorials, you’ll be on your way to creating the best courses as this trend keeps growing.Stay tuned for more Thursday’s Trending e-Learning Topics, where we provide all the resources you need for the latest e-Learning trends—all for free in Lectora University!It’s easy to create awesome mLearning courses for training on-the-go with Lectora Inspire V11 e-Learning software. Try it today with a free e-Learning software 30-day trial!