The Top 5 Reasons to Love Lectora Online’s Latest Release

Calling all eLearning developers! If you haven’t logged into Lectora Online lately, you could be missing out on some sweet upgrades that came your way recently.In fact, I’ll come out and say it. The latest release of Lectora Online will make desktop users consider switching over to the (online) dark side.Chances are, you’ve already logged in and noticed a few things look different. But the truth is, there are all kinds of perks lurking below the surface!Therefore, if you hate reading release notes (I get it), let me summarize. I’ll share my top five reasons to love the latest release of Lectora Online.

  1. The New Dashboard Gives You a Head Start

If you haven’t seen it yet, your Getting Started home screen just got a makeover. But here’s the real bonus: this new look actually comes equipped with a lot of practicality.

With the updated “Getting Started” page, you now have direct access to the new template library. Plus, now you have even easier access to your custom templates. That means if you lack some Monday morning motivation, you can start authoring with more convenient shortcuts and fewer clicks.

2. The New Modern Course Templates Will Make Your Courses Shine

Do you ever feel like your eLearning lacks a little “je ne sais quoi”? Well with the new release, you can forget that problem.With this latest round of updates, you now have a whole new set of templates including fan favorites from FasterCourse. Plus, they all come conveniently equipped with built-in navigation, interactive samples, different page layouts, and instructions for use.Plus, when you launch these new templates, you can incorporate different course types and learning styles including basic linear navigation, non-linear navigation, audio and video, pre-test/final exam, and accessibility. Considering all these new options, you’ll be sure to see results that exceed expectations.

  1. Modernized Stock Buttons with More Ways to Customize Them

We’ve all heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but clearly this quote doesn’t apply to eLearning. When you want to convey information that’s memorable, we all know the look and feel of your courses matter.That’s why Lectora Online recently released a new set of buttons, which can now be configured any way you like. You can set the icon color, background color, and shape to match your course’s look and feel – without ever logging into PhotoShop.

  1. Updated Support for the Modern cmi5 Standard

Ever since June 2016, cmi5 has been improving system

interoperability with defined xml metadata packaging, better launch mechanisms, credential handshakes, and a more consistent information model overall. Now with Lectora Online’s latest release, you can do more with this modern specification. Specifically, you can create and publish xAPI titles for any LMS that supports cmi5 standards.

  1. Direct Publishing to Healthstream and Other Popular LMSs

As you probably know, Lectora Online has a friendly, open ecosystem that lets you publish to any LMS. But you may not know just how easy it is to publish to Saba Cloud and now the Healthstream LMS. To take

advantage of this super convenient feature, just enable this publishing option inside your organization settings. Once enabled, you can start publishing courses directly to HealthStream, Saba Cloud, and any other system in just a few clicks.Want to learn more about great new features in Lectora Online? You may want to browse through the release notes or join us for “20 Hidden Tricks in Lectora”, our next Inspiration Wednesday webinar.

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