The ADDIE Model for Rapide-Learning Development

Rapid e-Learning development should be just that – rapid. There are endless detailed instructional design theories, models and resources to guide the e-Learning development process, but, unless you have already performed extensive research, who has time when limited by time constraints, deadlines and much needed just-in-time training? Although the most effective Snap! by Lectora rapid e-Learning courses involve a well thought-out strategy, that does not mean that the planning process itself can’t be rapid too.

You can use the basic methods in the following ADDIE model below for a general guideline to Snap! by Lectora rapid e-Learning course and training development. Supported by the ASTD (American Society for Training and Development), the ADDIE model stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. While there are dozens of variations of this model, you can tweak and customize it to fit your own rapid e-Learning goals and objectives, and prepare to create extremely exciting and engaging PowerPoint to Flash content - something Snap! by Lectora does impeccably.

The ADDIE model consists of 5 steps or phases as outlined by


This is where you “step back” and take a look at all aspects of your upcoming Snap! by Lectora e-Learning project. Identify the problem or opportunity that your course will address, outline your goals and objectives, identify the needs of the audience, their existing knowledge and skill level. You also want to consider the learning environment, technical abilities and constraints, delivery methods and channels and any other relevant learning factors that impact the way you design your course or training. Also, keep in mind the amount of time you have to create, implement and evaluate in your overall process.


After you have identified all of the components in the analysis phase, you can now take those elements and fit them into the design and structure of your Snap! by Lectora course. Parallel the plans for your content with the designs you envision. Design a course that equally meets the learning goals for your strategy as well as visually stimulates and engages with interactivity.

Snap! by Lectora TIPS:

  • Customize your player skins, presenter options, company information and logo, learner feedback and more.
  • Engage with embedded YouTube videos, Flash content and web windows
  • Create Interactivity with customizable quizzes and surveys: Choose from 7 quiz question types and 8 survey question types. You can even export your Snap! by Lectora content directly to your LMS to track and report results.


This is simply the actual process of creating all of the content and designs you decided and outlined in the Analysis and Design phases. To stay on pace, create a daily or even hourly task schedule to guarantee that you will complete your project according to your allotted time frame. Snap! by Lectora was made for everyone - not just computer and e-Learning gurus so you'll be a rapid e-Learning pro in no time. The easy-to-use wizards in Snap! by Lectora make adding engaging and interactive components to your courses as simple as one click of a button.


When or how do you intend to deliver your training to your learners? Lucky for you, Snap! by Lectora content publishes in record speeds. Also, have many options such as the ability to upload your courses to a Learning Management System (LMS), post them to the Web, Snap! Live and the leading social media sites. How you deliver your e-Learning courses is based on all of the analysis performed in the first phase. Both the learner and the developer gain from the implementation phase; the learner gains the knowledge in the course and the developer pays close attention to which e-Learning tactics and methods impact learning, understanding and retention.

Snap! by Lectora TIPS:

  • Publish your Snap! by Lectora content to:
  • The Web to make your e-Learning content viewably by anyone
  • Snap! Live to host your content free and renewable every 30 days
  • CD to keep your e-Learning courses private and delivered only to those you choose
  • CourseMill or any other LMS to track and report learner results
  • The leading social media sites to create instant social interactivity


The evaluation process is what you make of it – keep in mind, you can continuously improve to develop the most effective content for your learners. One strategy is to evaluate using a combination of self-evaluation and learner evaluation. Identify all of the things you want to gage as a rapid e-Learning developer and identify the questions you would like to pose from learners concerning the effectiveness, engagement, ease of use, etc. and evaluate from both perspectives to create a well-rounded understanding of the effectiveness of your e-Learning course.

A well-planned strategy does not have to take a lot of time and should not hold you back from unleashing your creative and effective e-Learning development skills. Who says you have to go by the books? The Snap! by Lectora Team certainly believes in thinking outside of the box. Tailor the ADDIE model however you choose and mold it into the perfect development plan for all of your engaging, effective rapid e-Learning courses and training!