Surviving Cold Weather With the Swedish Defense


The 2016 Lectora® User Conference brought together Lectora users from around the world—including Sweden! We were thrilled to welcome Fredrik Christiansson from Lexicon Interactive and Major Tony Gustafsson from the Swedish Armed Forces for a fantastic breakout session at LUC 2016.Major Tony Gustafsson shared how they used Lectora to train the Swedish Armed Forces Unit on Cold Weather Operations, which is extremely important to learn—one mistake in the cold environment can be fatal. The training needed to teach the consequence of the wrong behavior in the cold environment.


Some of the buzz on Twitter about Major Tony Gustafsson’s engaging presentation at LUC 2016

They also wanted that training to meet several requirements. It needed to have a modern approach, plus be accessible and flexible. That way, learners could access information when they have time, and the training could be used for recruiting too. Training needed to include rich media like pictures, introduction films, and videos.Using Lectora, they created the Cold Weather learning platform—a learning environment providing the basic essential knowledge for continued winter training and performance in cold weather. The course they created looked professional, interactive, and engaging!Here are a few of the great things Fredrik and Tony incorporated in the Cold Weather training:

  • An introduction video showed why the course material was so important
  • Both text and voiceover were provided because more senses in use equals better learning
  • Opportunities to discuss in groups were included
  • Drag and drop questions allowed learners to go through the decision making process before they go out in the cold

Sharing bright ideas at the LUC 2016 Networking Reception

Thanks to Fredrik Christiansson and Major Tony Gustafsson for sharing this engaging training example with Lectora User Conference attendees! Stay tuned for more articles on LUC 2016 breakout sessions and the bright ideas our Lectora users shared at this year’s conference.Want to create your own engaging, professional training? Sign up for a free trial of Lectora today.