Save Time with Lectora Keyboard Shortcuts


One of the best ways to speed up development with Lectora® and Lectora® Online authoring tools is by using keyboard shortcuts, or hotkeys, to perform many common tasks and functions. Rather than relying on your mouse, keyboard shortcuts will help you save precious time.You can use the default shortcuts (see below for a full list) or customize your own hotkeys for options or tools you frequently access.To add a custom keyboard shortcut in Lectora:1. Select the drop-down to the right of the Quick Access Toolbar, and select More Commands.

2. From the Options window, select the Keyboard shortcuts: Customize button.

3. Within the Customize Keyboard window, scroll down the Categories option, and select a Command for which you want to add a keyboard shortcut.4. Enter the custom key in the Press new shortcut key field, and click Assign.

To add a custom keyboard shortcut in Lectora Online:1. Select File > Preferences. Select the Hotkeys tab.2. Use the Categories window to select a category, and scroll down the list box on the left to select a command for which you want to add a keyboard shortcut.3. Enter the custom key in the Press new shortcutkey field and click Assign.

Tabbing in Lectora’s Properties Ribbon Lectora also offers the ability to select and Tab through the options on the Properties ribbon of objects. There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. You can use the Alt key to enable the keyboard at any time—the numbers and letters that appear represent keyboard shortcuts that have been enabled. Select the Tab key to tab through the options on the Properties Ribbon from left to right.
  2. You can also simply place your cursor in the Name field of the Properties ribbon—from there you can change an object's name and Tab to the rest of the properties.

Shortcuts for the Title ExplorerWhen you’re working with your Title Explorer in Lectora, keyboard shortcuts make for easy updates to page names. You can use the F2 shortcut to edit a page name, and then click Enter to save it. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to select the next page, select F2 and repeat the process. The Right and Left arrow keys will expand or collapse selections in the Title Explorer.Keyboard Shortcuts FileShortcutNew TitleCtrl + NOpen an Existing TitleCtrl + OPrintCtrl + SPreferencesCtrl + PHelpF1ExitCtrl + WEditUndoCtrl + ZRedoCtrl + YCutCtrl + XCopyCtrl + CPasteCtrl + VPaste UnformattedCtrl + Shift + VFindCtrl + FFind NextF3ReplaceCtrl + HAdding ObjectsAssignable UnitCtrl + 0ChapterCtrl + 1SectionCtrl + 2PageCtrl + 3ActionCtrl + 4GroupCtrl + 5TestCtrl + 6Test SectionCtrl + 7QustionCtrl + 8SurveyAlt + 6Survey QuestionAlt + 8AnimationCtrl + 9AudioCtrl + Shift + 0ButtonCtrl + Shift + 1DocumentCtrl + Shift + 2EquationCtrl + Shift + 3External HTMLCtrl + Shift + 4ImageCtrl + Shift + 5MenuCtrl + Shift + 7Progress BarCtrl + Alt + 9Reference ListCtrl + Shift + 8Table of ContentsCtrl + Shift + 9Text BlockCtrl + Alt + 0VideoCtrl + Alt + 1FormCtrl + Alt + 2Radio Button GroupCtrl + Alt + 3Radio ButtonCtrl + Alt + 4Check BoxCtrl + Alt + 5Entry FieldCtrl + Alt + 6Drop Down ListCtrl + Alt + 7List BoxCtrl + Alt + 8ToolsSpell Check Current PageF7Spell Check TitleCtrl + F7ModeEditF12RunF10PreviewF11Preview Page in BrowserF9PublishReviewLinkCtrl + F10OfflineF6HTMLF8CourseMillCtrl + F2AICCCtrl + F6SCORMCtrl + F8xAPICtrl + F9ViewShow GridCtrl + GShow RulersCtrl + RShow GuidesCtrl + EZoom InCtrl + SpaceZoom OutAlt + SpaceRefreshF5TextBoldCtrl + BUnderlineCtrl + UItalicCtrl + ISuperscriptAlt + 4SubscriptAlt + 5CenterAlt + 8Align RightAlt + 9Bulleted ListAlt + BEdit a Text BoxShift + EnterTitle ExplorerDuplicate Object in Title ExplorerCtrl + DragNext PageDown ArrowPrevious PageUp ArrowExpand SelectionLeft ArrowCollapse SelectionRight ArrowEdit SelectionF2Select All Objects on the PageCtrl + ANow you’re ready to speed through that next e-Learning project! Subscribe to the Lectora e-Learning Blog for more how-to tutorials and helpful tips.