How to Rebrand an eLearning Brothers Template

When using software templates to kick start your eLearning development, the two biggest problems are:

  1. How to get them the templates into your project and
  2. How to rebrand them to fit your needs.

Luckily, the first problem is as simple as downloading the template and dragging it into your project, whether it is responsive or not. It is literally that easy.Rebranding templates is almost as easy! We at eLearning Brothers are going to show you how to take one of our templates that comes with your Lectora® Inspire purchase and rebrand it. For this example, I will be using the Lectora GameShow template. Click here for a preview.Most people forget that templates are made to be changed. Of course, eLearning Brothers creates awesome templates that could pass as a full course, but we build them specifically so that you can make them YOURS. One of the first things you need to change, and should always change first, is the text. This includes the intro, questions, responses, and conclusion. This is the biggest thing that will turn a template into your project. This can easily be done by going to all the areas that contain text and putting your own questions and answers in. The biggest text section is the actual game, which is under the page called GameShow_Executive. Here you will find all the questions, answers, and remediation text for both correct and incorrect responses.


Another big thing that should always be changed when working with templates is the colors. Almost every asset in our templates is made in Lectora (stock images obviously excluded). This allows you to change button states, text color, background shades, which will rebrand the template to fit your specifications. To change the colors of the background, in any of our templates, you will always find the file for the background towards the top of the Title Explorer. To change the color of the buttons in the game, click on the object when it appears on your screen. This will allow you to modify the attributes of that specific button. Make sure that you find and modify every button in the game (there can be a lot of buttons).


One of the last things that should be done to customize a template is to rearrange the layout. Many people download templates, and the biggest thing you can do to set your project apart from all the other courses using that template is to rearrange the location of objects on the canvas. This is a very easy, but sometimes time consuming process. If you have a responsive template, make sure to edit the objects so that they fit in the view that they are in. And don’t forget to edit the location for every question/answer/feedback layer.In doing at least those three things, you can successfully rebrand any template. There are so many additional things you can do that a blog post (or even multiple blog posts) wouldn’t even scratch the surface. Templates are a great option to help kick start your project; it is up to you to take it the rest of the way and make it shine. Share with us the success you have seen using them!


Editor’s Note: Our friends on the eLearning Brothers Team are sharing their awesome eLearning tips and news here and on their blog. Keep an eye out for more great articles!The eLearning Brothers Lectora Template Library, Cutout People, and Interaction Builder offer you unlimited possibilities for your eLearning development. If you haven’t tried them out yet, fire up Lectora Inspire—or download a 30-day free trial—and have fun!