Productivity Secrets from the Trivantis Pros: Pt. 3


We’re in the home stretch now. First, I brought you productivity secrets for general work, including email organization tips and the classic “work from home” tip. Next, I shared a slew of Lectora® development tips from our Trivantis® pros. And now? It’s time for the final stage of eLearning development—the review and revise stage.

Create a Post-development Checklist

“I keep this handy as I build courses so I remember to go back and check specific items, like consistency of buttons and hyperlinks, or making sure I remembered to use the proper Text Headings.”

-Laura Silver, Director of Product Management

Jump from Section to Section

“I like to use a course developer map page. I create a page that is in a chapter at the end of the course and put a Table of Contents object on it. I then make a hidden way to get to this page, such as right click on the course title which would set a variable, then based on the value in that variable a left click on the copyright notice will take you to the secret page. Once there you can get anywhere in the course via the table of contents object. This is very helpful when you are QA-ing your course after publishing it.”

-Joe Wieloch, Director of Development – Lectora Online

Collaborate on the Review

If you’re using Lectora® Inspire or Lectora® Publisher, “Publish to ReviewLink™—this will save you hours normally spent collecting reviewer feedback via email and spreadsheets.” You can even use ReviewLink with courses created in Adobe® Captivate or Articulate® Storyline now!

-Laura Silver, Director of Product Management

If you’re using Lectora® Online, try this tip to speed up your review process: “I use Lectora Online's export to Microsoft Word feature if I want to spell check my entire course, or check the grammar. This feature will also identify correct answers and can be used to produce an ‘answer key’ for subject matter experts to review.”

-Joe Wieloch, Director of Development – Lectora Online

Well now you know all—or at least most—of the secrets to how we are so productive here at Trivantis! What are you going to do with all your free time after you implement these time-saving tricks?