Productivity Secrets from the Trivantis Pros: Pt 2


Do you have a spare minute to check out some tips for being more productive? I bet you do—if you read the first installment of Productivity Secrets from the Trivantis Pros. That post focused mainly on general work productivity, but I also promised you more secrets for being more productive in Lectora®. Here they are!

Stay Organized

“In the Title Explorer, name your objects, variables, and actions so they are clear and meaningful to you. Expand and collapse chapters, sections, and pages so they're tucked away when you're not focusing on them. Turn on the ‘Show buttons for hiding objects in the Title Explorer’ option in Preferences so you can collapse title and chapter level objects as well. Watch my webinar on Conquering the Title Explorer.”

-Laura Silver, Director of Product Management

“I think one of the biggest overlooked tools is the ‘My Library’ area. I keep all of my most used media elements there, as well as a few library objects that are frequently used. It’s easy to access—and always present—so it makes things faster than searching for that image you always use somewhere on your hard drive.”

-John Blackmon, Chief Technology Officer

Sneaky Shortcuts = Speed

“Set your own Editors in Preferences. If you prefer to use your favorite image, audio, or text editing software, you can set that up in Lectora. Then when you select ‘Edit’ for an object, it will open right up directly in your editor of choice.”

-Laura Silver, Director of Product Management

“In Lectora® Online you can drag images from your desktop or file system and drop them right into your courses. You can also copy images from image editors or preview applications and then paste them into Lectora Online using the new Paste from Operating System feature. These are things that everyone should try!”

-Joe Wieloch, Director of Development – Lectora Online

Of course, we all know that an eLearning project doesn’t end with development. There’s still that pesky review and approval process to contend with. Don’t worry—our experts have some tips for that too! Stay tuned for Productivity Secrets Part 3: The Review Process.