Mission Report: Strut Your Stuff at LUC 2017

Strut Your Stuff at LUC 2017

We’ve added something new to the annual Lectora® User Conference—a user showcase!The user showcase is not a breakout session, but rather a more intimate opportunity for you to have small group conversations about what you’re doing in Lectora, CourseMill®, and ReviewLink™.As part of the LUC 2017 Networking Reception, you will be able to mingle and walk around and check out what people are doing. Kind of like a science fair, but for eLearning. Don’t worry, there will still be drinks and snacks, but this year, if you need an ice breaker at the reception, you can say “Hey, wanna see this cool thing I built in Lectora?” or "Check out what I'm using CourseMill Advanced Reports to track!"Let’s talk details.When/Where is the User Showcase?The User Showcase is Wednesday night from 8 – 10 pm during the Networking Reception. The whole event will be held in the Sungarden area of the Hyatt Regency.What do I need to prepare?Very little! “Showcasers” will each have their own table. You’ll want to bring your laptop or mobile device—whatever you need to show off your project. From there, you just demo and discuss! There is no need to put together lengthy slides or create handouts or anything stressful like that. We’re an informal bunch.A few tips:Bring Bluetooth or wired external speakers. People get passionate—and loud—when they see an exciting project, especially when drinks are involved.Charge your device! This is a party, so we don’t want power cords running all over the place tripping attendees who are trying to do the Dougie or whatever the hot new dance is these days. Tables will not be wired for power.Have your project sample loaded onto your device. There will be Wi-Fi, but it’s always good to be prepared in case your device won’t connect or other problems arise.Why should I participate?For the glory! Well, that and the opportunity to share your knowledge with fellow participants. To sweeten the pot, attendees will also be voting on their favorite, and a prize will be awarded.Do I need to submit my project in advance?We promised you wouldn’t have to prepare much! As such, all we need is your name and your general topic. That way we can ensure we have a table labeled and ready for you. Tables will be available on a first come, first serve basis, so email us now to get one.Email us at LUC@Trivantis.com to reserve your table for the User Showcase!

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