Mission Report: Lectora Live From LUC 2017


Master storyteller, eLearning developer, and video host Rick Zanotti is back at LUC 2017. He’s bringing his popular RELATECASTS to the 2017 Lectora® User Conference, and you can be a featured guest! Your topic? Anything! Share what your favorite session was, promote your own breakout session, reveal insider tips on the best menu items at the Hyatt’s Red Roost Tavern, or just experience the glory of being live from LUC 2017. Time slots for Lectora Live From LUC 2017 will be available for sign up at the RELATE booth in the Expo lobby.Check out some of last year’s live interviews to get inspired:

Plus, the image below gives a hint of the shenanigans that the Trivantis Team get up to when Rick leaves his camera unattended and still recording… We’re always looking for partners in mischief, so join us at LUC 2017 for even more Lectora Live takeovers!

Lectora Live at the LUC

Groundbreaking journalism as I interview people on their favorite sessions, snacks, and more...And if being on Lectora Live From LUC 2017 gives you that production bug, attend Rick Zanotti’s session Wednesday at 1:15 pm. Here are the details:Audio Basics for eLearning and Media ProductionRick Zanotti, PresidentRELATE CorporationLevel: FundamentalSession Objectives:

  1. Learn the basics of audio production
  2. Understand microphone types and uses for voice-over
  3. Basics of using your voice for results

Description:One of the most important, and often neglected, aspects of producing good eLearning is to provide good sound and narration.In this session you will learn to identify, from simple to more complex, how to put together a sound recording. You will learn about different kinds of microphones and which are best for your project, recording principles, additional gear needed and how to use your voice successfully.Who is this Rick Zanotti guy?Rick Zanotti combines a solid technical background in computers with decades of Training and eLearning development. He founded RELATE in 1984, and has worked with many Fortune 500 clients and smaller, growing firms. He is the host of Lectora Live video broadcast as well as the popular eLearnChat show. In his spare time he teaches martial arts, was a US Navy Sea Cadet officer, and is an avid photographer and videographer.It’s going to be an action-packed conference!

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