Mission Report: 3 Sessions to Attend at LUC 2017

LUC 2017 Mission Report: 3 Sessions to Attend at LUC 2017

Decisions can be hard—especially when you’re faced with nearly 30 different, but equally amazing Lectora® User Conference breakout sessions to decide between. To make it easier on you, we’ve been highlighting cool sessions and different tracks you can take. Here are a few more you should definitely consider adding to your LUC 2017 agenda:

Things Learning Pros Should Steal from the Marketing Department

Mike Taylor and Briavel Schultz, Mindset Digital

We may not realize it, but as learning professionals, we have a lot of things in common with marketers. We both face one big challenge: How to get people's attention and help them think and act in new ways.

So what can we learn from marketing teams? As it turns out, a lot. In today's hyper-distracted world, we must first engage our audience if we have any hope of informing them. Savvy marketers understand how to use the latest technologies and tap into the psychology of emotions—there’s a reason you don’t see bullet points in advertising.

In this session, we will reveal some tools and techniques that marketers have been successfully using for years to capture attention and move people to take action. In essence, talented marketers understand the art of persuasion. This session will show why that's an art that today's elearning professionals need more than ever.

Mission: Accessibility...Code Name: WCAG 2.0 AA - What Does That Even Mean?

Annette Williams, United Airlines

This session will describe the steps taken for making a completely non-accessible course into a WCAG 2.0 AA compliant, accessible course—without deteriorating the course design or activities.

This course will include:

  • Tips for creating a WCAG 2.0 AA course using Lectora v12
  • Post work coding needed for certain aspects of course design
  • Free tools available for testing your course for accessibility
  • Biggest issues encountered when making an inaccessible course into a fully accessible course

CourseMill Advanced Reports: Sifting Through Data Is Easier Than You Think!

Jane Erwin, MPHI

Before CourseMill 7 with Advanced Reports (AR) came into being, pulling data from CourseMill could be a time-consuming and tedious task. The introduction of Advanced Reports in CourseMill 7 changed all that. In this session, I'll start by giving an overview of AR. I'll explain the importance of knowing what kind of information you want to see in the end and lead a discussion about the kinds of questions we can ask our clients to help determine the shape of a custom AR. The information gathered from session participants during the discussion will be used in a demonstration of how to create a custom report, to include a step-by-step walk-through and explanation of the different fields they'll see when creating a custom AR. I'll explain how to use the Select Filter feature to get the data needed and also how to choose the appropriate columns to display the data.

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