Making Engaging Online Training: Real Life Examples

Making Engaging Online Training

Mandatory training has gotten a bad reputation for being boring. But what if you took a course on corporate integrity—a potentially dull topic—and turned it into an interactive forest adventure on the “Corporate Integrity Trail,” complete with scenarios and knowledge checks that don’t even feel like quizzes?That’s what Kettering Health Network did in the example below. The woman on the left is named Carly Compliance, playing the role of the learner hiking through the KHN State Park. As you can see below, Carly and the learners encounter the Phisherman—and learn a lesson about information security in this interactive challenge.

In the information security challenge, Carly meets the Phisherman

The whole Corporate Integrity course is set up with scenarios and provides learners with choice by allowing them to select which topic—or portion of the trail—they will cover next.“Because you can have the branching scenarios and conditional formatting in Lectora®, I was able to do things like customizing the trail head directional sign using status indicators on the different sign posts,” said Bernadette Sacksteder, Human Resources Specialist: HealthStream & Orientation, and creator of the Corporate Integrity course in Lectora.Below, the menu page of the course is a trailhead, where learners can click on the branch they’d like to explore next. Bernadette used Lectora’s status indicators to keep track of which parts of the trail (course) had been completed.

The menu page uses status tracking to record learner progress

You can take a deeper look at how this course was created in the upcoming Trivantis webinar: “How to Make Mandatory Training Engaging With Scenario-based eLearning” on June 7, 2017, at 1:30 PM EDT (GMT-4). In the free webinar, Bernadette will share more of her course-building process in Lectora, and how Lectora made creating this engaging scenario easy. Register now!