LUC Recap: JavaScript Integration for Beginners


Lectora® is the authoring tool that grows with you. Beginner users can create quality, engaging eLearning—while those with more experience are getting creative with JavaScript integration!Becky Goldberg from Travelers Insurance presented on cool ways you can integrate JavaScript in her 2016 Lectora® User Conference breakout session. (And it was a popular session!) She shared helpful tips for those new to integrating JavaScript in Lectora, like that it is case-sensitive, picky about punctuation, on the client side (geek for “it runs in the browser”), and more.


Packed LUC 2016 session learning about JavaScript integration for Lectora

Next, Becky walked attendees through the Lectora integration steps. She shared a great case study example, based on an Emotional Intelligence Journey eLearning course.


Attendees share their excitement for Becky Goldberg’s session on Twitter

Thanks for this fantastic and helpful session, Becky! To see how you can get creative in Lectora, try it free for 30 days.