LUC 2017 Recap: Things Learning Pros Should Steal From the Marketing Department

LUC 2017 Session Recap

Have you heard about the “Lizard Brain” yet? That’s what Mike Taylor and Briavel Shultz of Mindset Digital discussed at the 2017 Lectora® User Conference. Their LUC 2017 presentation was called “Things Learning Pros Should Steal From the Marketing Department.”But before we get to “Lizard Brain,” let’s start with the focus of this LUC 2017 presentation. Mike and Briavel said that L&D and marketing share a common goal: how to get people’s attention and to get them to think and act in new ways.That’s where Lizard Brain comes in—it’s the oldest part of our brain and the part responsible for subconscious thinking (survival comes from the Brain Stem and emotions come from the Limbic System). Mike and Briavel shared that over 95% of human behavior is subconscious. And by knowing that information, they shared tips for creating eLearning that get people’s attention and is successful.Here are just a few of these tips:

  • Without initial attention from the audience, nothing else matters. People care about benefits, if something is enjoyable, and what the consequences are.
  • Marketers make their message streamlined, emotional, and visual.
  • Streamline your message—focus it and pare it down to its simplest, clearest, easiest-to-understand form.
  • Make its expression fun— or interesting or mysterious.
  • Make it visual. Mike and Briavel explained that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Bonus tip: there’s a special part of the brain just for recognizing faces.
Mike Taylor and Briavel Shultz of Mindset Digital at LUC 2017

Above: Briavel, left, and Mike, right, presenting at LUC 2017.

Thanks for an interesting, engaging LUC 2017 presentation, Mike and Briavel! If you’d like more information, you can take a look at the presentation resources.Plus, Mike will be joining Trivantis for a webinar, “Art & Science of E-Learning,” on June 21, 2017, at 1:30 PM EDT. Register here—it’s sure to be a good one!