LUC 2017 Recap: Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Gaming

LUC 2017 Session Recap

“Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Gaming” was a packed breakout session at the 2017 Lectora® User Conference. In this session, presented by Andy Lockwood of Auto-Owners Insurance, LUC 2017 attendees learned tons of gaming-inspired tips for their eLearning development.

Andy Lockwood's session at LUC 2017

Above: Packed breakout session presented by Andy Lockwood, Auto-Owners Insurance.

One topic Andy discussed was the importance of story for both gaming and creating online training. He explained a few reasons why story matters for both: it keeps the user involved and doesn’t have to be complicated to be memorable.


— Heidi deCastro (@eChick_Heidi) May 4, 2017

Above, Andy Lockwood’s story tips were shared on Twitter.

During his session, Andy also shared multiple eLearning examples that he created in Lectora—all inspired by gaming. If you’d like to see a few of these, take a look at the punctuation train game in the “Creating Memorable Training With Stories” article Andy shared for a recent eBook. Plus, check out this non-linear interactive training room that Auto-Owners Insurance created, where users can click around to reveal activities.One last tip I’d like to share from Andy—use resources like the Trivantis® Community, YouTube, and the eLearning Brothers assets (included in Lectora Inspire) to help with your eLearning development.Thanks for a fantastic LUC 2017 presentation, Andy!