LUC 2017 Recap: Communicate Using CourseMill LMS

LUC 2017 Session Recap

A learning management system not only provides a way for organizations to deliver eLearning content, but it also facilitates communication. At the 2017 Lectora® User Conference (LUC 2017), Michelle Shefveland from Anoka County shared the many ways they use CourseMill® LMS to communicate.In her breakout session, Michelle provided detailed handouts on what you can do in CourseMill. She also gave out hand clappers, which she used as a way for attendees to respond to questions—much more fun than a simple hand raise!

Hand clappers and session handout

Above: Hand clappers and session handout from “Communicate Using CourseMill.”

On Personalizing Email Notifications in CourseMillOne topic Michelle discussed was how to use variables to customize and personalize email notifications. For example, “Hi, <#USER_FIRSTNAME#> will generate a “Hi Michelle” in the notification email that is sent.Trivantis® Team Tip: You can also use HTML code to customize these, so they don’t have to be just text-based notification messages.

Michelle Shefveland, Anoka County

Above: Michelle Shefveland, Anoka County, presenting on CourseMill.

On Using Advanced Reports to Save TimeMichelle also shared how Reports and Advanced Reports in CourseMill are a great way to communicate with students. Example: To email everyone who took a class, you can easily run a report to see everyone who was in the class. Then, you can email students directly from the report—in just a minute. No hassles or time wasted pulling in email addresses and organizing names in Outlook.Tip: When working in Lectora, Michelle says she is a stickler for giving everything a specific name. Michelle recommends doing the same in the Report Locker to easily tell which report is which. She said, “If you want to keep your sanity, I would name them.” This prevents you from having 20 reports named “Completion Report.”Thanks for an excellent presentation on CourseMill and the ways organizations can communicate though the LMS, Michelle!Stay turned for more upcoming LUC 2017 recap posts on the Trivantis blog.