LUC 2017 Recap: A Behind the Scenes Tour With the CourseMill Web Service APIs

LUC 2017 Session Recap

When it comes to sessions where your mind is completely blown…this was it for me at the 2017 Lectora® User Conference! Tim Sukta, Computer Programmer / Trainer at Auto-Owners Insurance, presented: “A Behind the Scenes Tour with the CourseMill® Web Service APIs.” I’ve always understood the general premises of APIs, but this session really brought a lot of information to light. For example, I learned that there are in fact four request methods (get, post, put, and delete) not just two, the basics of URL parameters, and was even introduced to JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). In the session, we learned how to authenticate, receive a token, and then perform multiple requests in CourseMill 7.5. He showed how to call on a custom login screen, previous test score, and even perform automatic registration. We were also shown how to navigate and use the CourseMill Programmer Information Center.

Tim Sukta Presenting at LUC 2017

Tim Sukta, Auto-Owners Insurance, presenting at LUC 2017.CourseMill 7.5 is now available! To see what’s new, be sure to watch our recorded webinar on the Trivantis® Community: What’s New in CourseMill 7.5.Thanks for a great session, Tim! For more eLearning tips and the latest info about what’s happening at Trivantis, subscribe to the Trivantis blog.