LUC 2017: What Are Lightning Talks?


You may have heard the exciting news that the 2017 Lectora® User Conference is going to include lightning talks. You may also be wondering: “What are lightning talks?”Lightning talks do not involve a talking lightning bolt, or Harry Potter, or any sort of extreme weather phenomenon. I’m sorry. You are at the wrong conference if you are hoping for that.However, lightning talks do go by at lightning speed. They are a series of short, rapid-fire presentations from several different speakers. In general, lightning talks range from five to ten minutes. We’re giving you a lucky seven minutes at LUC 2017.Why Lightning Talks?

  • Present on a topic in a quick, clear, and insightful manner
  • Time limit creates a sense of urgency and results in creative, succinct presentations
  • Rapid pace keeps audience interested
  • Perfect for new presenters who want to start small

We’ll be organizing the lightning talks into themed tracks—so you can attend a series of lightning talks all about mobile development, for example.Tips for Giving Lightning Talks

Narrow down your topic.

Seven minutes goes by fast, so don’t try to explain quantum physics or the entire history of Europe. Some ideas include a creative way you used Lectora’s status tracking in a course, how you achieved remarkable results by leveraging Advanced Reports in CourseMill®, your favorite thing about Responsive Course Design™, etc.

Be a minimalist.

If you’re using slides, stick to just a few—no more than five. Use only a few words and one or two images per slide. You can include your website or Twitter handle on the last slide for folks to find more information. Of course, the atmosphere of the LUC makes it easy for attendees and speakers to chat about the presentations later.

Practice makes perfect.

Most smartphones have a stopwatch function. This is a great way to practice your speech and make sure you’re not running over—or under—on time. It will also help you relax and perfect your delivery.

Getting excited? We certainly are! Visit the LUC page for more information, or go ahead and submit your lightning talk proposal now.