LUC 2016 Workshop Recap: Sneaky Tricks to Quicken QA, Facilitate Feedback, and Create an Elegant UX


In one of the hands-on workshops at the 2016 Lectora® User Conference, John Mortenson, Manager of Online Learning for The Fresh Market, demonstrated the bright idea of using sneaky tricks while developing in Lectora to quicken your quality control process, facilitate feedback, and create an elegant user experience. In the session he explained how to add a one-day delay on a quiz, build in “devmode” to give your course superpowers, and how to offer the ability to provide feedback right within the course while taking it.


John really knows how to captivate a room!

I found the section about adding a one-day delay on a quiz to be quite interesting. I’ve always thought this type of control should be the responsibility of the LMS. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, you can create a navigational stipulation using a predefined variable that’s built into Lectora. Mind blown!


Presentation slide of John’s process on creating a one-day delay action in a course

Fantastic Lectora workshop, John! To read more of John’s great tips, check out his guest blog series, Downright Sneaky Lectora Tricks. For more eLearning tips and the latest info about what’s happening at Trivantis®, subscribe to the Everything eLearning Blog.