How to Insert Storyline 2 Content Into Lectora


Today’s blog post is an excerpt from the free Trivantis® eBook, An Articulate® Storyline® User’s Guide to Lectora®:While developing an eLearning course, you may find that wrapping Storyline 2 in Lectora can help bring together the functionalities of both tools. One example is if you’ve built a course but need to include advanced variables. The following instructions explain how to insert Storyline 2 content into Lectora.Remove the Player (Optional but Recommended) Note: The player should only be removed once navigation has been switched to on screen options, such as buttons. Otherwise a learner will not be able to advance through a multiple page course.

  1. From the Home tab, select the Player option.
  2. Go to the Features tab on the ribbon and uncheck all options.
  3. While you're in the Player Properties window, click Colors & Effects and 
the ribbon.
  4. Click the link to Show advanced color editing.
  5. From the Edit item drop-down, select Base >> Main Background, and 
make it 100% transparent.
  6. From the Edit item drop-down list, select Base >> Main Border, and 
make it 100% transparent.
  7. From the Edit item drop-down list, select Base >> Slide Background, 
and make it 100% transparent.
  8. While you're in the Player Properties window, click Current Player and 
select Save As.
  9. Give it a recognizable name and click OK.
  10. Click OK again to close the Player Properties window.
  11. Go to Story View.
  12. Press Ctrl+A twice to select all the slides in your course.
  13. Uncheck the Prev, Next, and Submit boxes in the Slide Properties panel,

and make sure all the player features are also unchecked.Publish Your Storyline 2 Course

  1. From your Storyline 2 project, select the Publish option from the Home tab.
  2. Select Web from the tab on the right.
  3. Select the HTML5 option and remove all other options.

Move the Files

  1. Move the published files into the folder that contains your course files.

Insert a Web Window

  1. From your Lectora project, select the page where you want to insert content.
  2. Select the Insert tab and then the Web Window option.
  3. From the Window Source drop down, select Local web-based content.
  4. Select the browse button and locate the HTML5 files. Be sure the last 
item selected is the story_HTML5.html.
  5. Select the option to include all files and subfolders.
  6. Holding control (to maintain the window ratio), resize the web window 
to fit your screen.

Once you publish the course, you’ll be able to see the Storyline 2 content within Lectora.Want to read more (including instructions on how to insert Storyline 2 content into Lectora Online)? Download the free Trivantis eBook now: An Articulate Storyline User's Guide to Lectora. This detailed guide covers everything you need to know about switching from Articulate Storyline to Lectora, or adding Lectora to your toolbox.Trivantis and Lectora are registered trademarks of Trivantis Corporation. Articulate and Storyline are registered trademarks of Articulate Global, Inc.Articulate Global, Inc. is not affiliated with Trivantis Corporation, our products, or our websites. They do not sponsor or endorse Trivantis Corporation or any of our products.