Game-based eLearning for the Win: Contest 18 Spotlight

video game controller

Gamification is trending in the eLearning industry right now—we can’t get enough of using game elements in training to engage employees. Branching scenarios, gamified knowledge checks, and “choose your own adventure” style courses all fit under the gamification umbrella.Right now on the Trivantis® Community, we’re running a contest called “Game On!” in which participants were challenged to create a game using Lectora® that teaches a new topic. The contest runs until March 20, 2017, so there’s plenty of time for you to enter after you’re inspired by the already-submitted games I’m about to share below.First is “Memory Match Game” created by Community member Roz Schwartz. What I love about this entry is that it’s responsive—great for playing on a tablet.

Memory match game

Next, I’d like to show you Deron Warman’s entry, “Crossword Puzzle.” The puzzle example has 4 entries, but it’s easily expandable to 20 or 25 entries. Thanks for sharing!

Crossword puzzle

The last entry I’d like to share on the blog today is called “Let’s Be Brief” by Steven Truitt. The questions are all about the 2017 Lectora User Conference and Cincinnati, Ohio!

Let's Be Brief game

Speaking of LUC 2017, if you want to learn more tips for gamifying your eLearning, we’re offering a whole gamification track at the conference this year. And our keynote speaker is Karl Kapp, Ed.D., researcher, analyst, speaker, professor, learning expert, and designer of instructional games. Reserve your spot at the 2017 Lectora User Conference today!Now it’s your turn to create a game in Lectora—submit your entry here.