First Time eLearning Developer? Jump Right in with These 5 Tips


First time eLearning developers, this blog post is for you. If you’re new to eLearning and building your first course, read the tips below to find out where to get started, where to get answers, and more. And if you’re an eLearning pro, keep reading to find out how you can save time and share your expertise with beginners (or connect with other experts)!

Here are 5 tips to help you jump right into eLearning development:

1. Get started right away with cloud authoring.

If you want to start creating your course immediately, a cloud authoring tool like Lectora® Online is the way to go. With cloud authoring, you don’t have to wait to download any software because everything is online. And with Lectora Online’s easy-to-use interface, you won’t waste time trying to learn a difficult tool.

2. Remember that your SMEs are there to help.

SME stands for subject matter expert. If you haven’t already met them, these are the experts on the topic your course will teach. SMEs are a valuable resource, so take advantage of meetings with them: prepare notes ahead of time, ask plenty of questions, and take their concerns and criticism of your course seriously.

3. Connect with more experienced eLearning developers.

When you’re building your first training course, you don’t want to waste time if you get stuck. Connecting with other developers who have been creating courses longer than you will give you a community to ask for help if that happens. Sound like a plan? Join the Trivantis Community today!

4. Watch the experts demonstrate best practices.

Catch up on free webinars by watching recordings in the Trivantis Community. You’ll learn timesaving Lectora tips, course examples from users just like you, and more. Want more info on a particular topic? Search for it in the Knowledge Base or post a question in the discussion forum.

5. Include a post-course evaluation.

Ask your learners what they thought of your course: what they liked, what they would change, and how easy it was to navigate. You can include all these questions in a post-course evaluation, which will show you what you can improve in your design next time.

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