An eLearning Guide to Summer Fun


Summer is winding down—but the fun doesn’t have to! For our latest Lectora® development contest in the Trivantis® Community, we combined our two favorite things. What are those? Summer fun and eLearning, of course!This month, we challenged you to create an eLearning course that’s all about summer fun, but is also educational. We suggested things like planning a vacation and sharing travel advice, a course on the culture of a popular destination, summer recipe tutorials, and more.Our Community Manager, Jennifer Valley, shared a course on her dream trip to London.


These community contests are a great way to work on your Lectora development skills and produce content for your portfolio. If most of your work projects fall under non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements, it’s helpful to have other projects like these to build out your portfolio. Plus, seeing what other Lectora users create for the contests is always inspiring! For example, I loved Steven Truitt’s LUC 2016 Squares game he submitted.I’m working on my own eLearning Guide to Summer Fun for this month’s contest, but I can’t reveal my idea yet. You’ll just have to stay tuned and start working on your entry!

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