Designing Online Training for Generation Y


Designing online training for Generation Y is a challenge because the training methods that are successful with them are less traditional. If you’re wondering who the term “Generation Y” refers to, you’re not alone. Here’s a quick description: Generation Y members were born between about 1980-1992 and are digital natives with parents who are not, meaning they grew up using technology like the internet. They often have shorter attention spans, resist standard, monologue-style lectures and prefer action to talking.Since designing for Generation Y can be a challenge, here are a few tips to guide you in your e-Learning development!

  • Take advantage of BYOD.The BYOD trend—Bring Your Own Device—is popular with Generation Y learners because it allows them the freedom and flexibility to use their own devices to access an e-Learning course. They’ll be comfortable, and without the unfamiliarity of a company computer, they’ll be more open to learning the material in your course.
  • Keep things short and focused.This is good advice for all e-Learning courses—no matter the generation. But especially with Generation Y, you’ll want to make sure each section of online training has a clear purpose and main point. Write e-Learning objectives for yourself, if you must. If your course is too long and unfocused, your Generation Y learners may become distracted and unmotivated to gain any valuable information from it.
  • Gamify it.Gamification is another trend, like BYOD, that is highly successful in teaching Generation Y e-Learners. Because Generation Y members grew up with computers and technology playing a large role in their lives, they learn well when games are incorporated into their training material.
  • Don’t waste their time!This goes along with keeping things short and focused. For example, when you’re adding games to an e-Learning course, make sure they help to teach the course material and aren’t just wasting your learners’ time. Generation Y members grew up with instant access to information, thanks to the internet. They won’t appreciate it if you waste their time.

Use these tips to help you as you’re developing e-Learning courses for Generation Y.For more e-Learning tips, trends and news, subscribe to the Lectora® e-Learning Blog!