Creative Inspiration: Graphic Design Trends of 2016

If you’ve researched graphic design trends this year, you’ve probably come across several that are popular right now. The trends discussed in Creative Market’s article “10 Brilliant Graphic Design Trends of 2016” have definitely been an inspiration around the Trivantis® Headquarters lately.I recommend checking out the full list, but for this post, we chose 3 of the trends they highlighted and brainstormed ideas specifically for eLearning courses. (Keep reading for an opportunity to create your own example in Lectora®!)

1. Try using flat 2.0 to minimize distractions.

Influenced by minimalism, Bauhaus, and the Swiss Style, “the flat design trend is characterized by a clean, colorful look, big typography, white space, and subtle gradients.” While it started as a completely flat style, it has since been updated as seen in flat 2.0 with added depth, light, shadow, and motion. Experiment with flat 2.0 in your eLearning to focus on what you want employees to learn.

Check out this example of a flat 2.0 design from our blog post on freelance skills:

flat 2.0 example

2. Create whimsical illustrations to achieve a desired tone.Creative Market says, “Whimsical, hand drawn illustrations aren’t just for kids anymore.” To set the right tone in your eLearning, maybe you could try incorporating whimsical illustrations to add a playful element.

Here are a couple examples of the illustration trend. First, our designer played off the “notes” idea behind our LUC 2015 Nashville Notes blog series for this illustrated graphic:

illustrated graphic example 1

Second, in this graphic for the Trivantis Community, you see an illustrated city skyline, which created a whimsical city feeling that helped reinforce the community atmosphere and gathering space mentality for our new forum and knowledge base.

illustrated graphic example 2

3. Get inspiration from the new retro trend.The article had a good suggestion for using this design trend: “Think about bold colors, pixel art, playful geometric designs and patterns.” Ever used a comic book theme for your eLearning? Try it out—or something inspired by the new retro trend—to engage your learners.

Also from the Nashville Notes series, this graphic is a great example of the new retro trend. It incorporates bold colors and playful geometric patterns.

new retro graphic example

Ready to start designing? Then it’s time to enter the current Trivantis Community contest and show us how you’ve incorporated a graphic design trend into an eLearning project. Not a member yet? It’s easy to register.

And if all these references to last year’s Lectora User Conference in Nashville have gotten you excited, don’t forget to register for the upcoming 2016 Lectora User Conference in Fort Lauderdale this May.