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Today’s guest post is by Victoria Fitoussi from GoAnimate. Thanks, Victoria!Your lesson in Lectora® Online has all of the training essentials: an outline of your course guiding learners through the supplemental materials, such as tests, resource links, and LMS compliant packages like SCORM or AICC. Furthermore, Lectora Online encourages creativity in your training. One way to take your creativity to the next level is with animated video. Animation calls upon our inherent love to watch and learn from videos. Why is animated video the right media to supplement your training and when is the right time to use videos? Well, let’s explore instances where using an animated video in training drives your lesson home.Getting started/intro videoAs Mike Schwind from SchwindTec said, “connect with your audience and they’ll remember your training.” The first interaction in your training sets the tone and builds rapport. Therefore, a “getting started” video is a valuable way to convey particularities or nuances in your course and can address the initial questions or concerns in a warm, friendly manner.


Videos can help navigate trickier topicsIn some situations, your training might have to cover more serious or uncomfortable topics. An animated video can convey that message in the right light-hearted tone. Videos can adeptly communicate a wider range of emotions to your audience without causing them to put their guard up.Animation simplifies complex subjectsAs your training delves into more complicated subject matter for your learners, you’re at risk of losing their attention. A video can explain the topic in an alternative way and help to retain your learners’ attention. As an example, whiteboard animation has templates that can illustrate foreign concepts with familiar imagery that will keep your learners’ attention to the lesson at hand. If you are teaching something that is data heavy, visually presenting it with video infographics ensures they will be comprehensible.Here’s a great example made by Orchard Supply Hardware:


GoAnimate and Lectora OnlineBoth GoAnimate and Lectora Online boast flexible and easy-to-use cloud-based software that enables you to update your lessons without any hassles, from any device. On top of that, Lectora Online and GoAnimate have partnered together, so you can directly export your videos from GoAnimate into your Lectora Online course; equipping a blended training program of instruction and video interaction right at your fingertips.About the AuthorVictoria is the Community and Content Coordinator at GoAnimate. She is enthusiastic about anything that’s creative, competitive, or community-related (the 3 C’s). Take a look at her other content (the 4th C) at victoriafitoussi.com.See Victoria and her fellow GoAnimate whiz, Amanda Morgan, in person at LUC 2017!  

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