Mission Report: LUC 2017 Audio & Video Track

LUC 2017

Lights, camera, action! Are you ready to start putting more audio and video in your eLearning? Check out these 2017 Lectora® User Conference breakout sessions that will help you achieve your video goals.

Audio Basics for eLearning and Media Production

Rick Zanotti and Leslie Zanotti, RELATE

One of the most important, and often neglected, aspects of producing good eLearning is to provide good sound and narration. In this session you will learn to identify, from simple to more complex, how to put together a sound recording. You will learn about different kinds of microphones and which are best for your project, recording principles, additional gear needed, and how to use your voice successfully.

Put More Bark in Your Bite-Sized Video: GoAnimate and Microlearning

Amanda Morgan, GoAnimate

8 minutes of training for 8 hours on the job, sounds crazy right? But this strategy might just work! Learn how to maximize the potential of your videos by minimizing the time it takes to deliver your message. In this session you'll learn how to quickly and easily create bite-sized microlearning video content. Discuss best video practices for microlearning and discover the key factors you need to consider when creating a micro training video, and how your video fits into your overall training strategy.

Is Silence Really Golden? How to Use Audio and Video to Bring Life to your Lectora Course

Heidi deCastro, TriHealth

In this presentation, Heidi will walk you through her experience in adding audio and video to increase engagement while not overwhelming the learner with too much media. This session will cover different audio and video creation and editing tools, such as GoAnimate, Camtasia, Lectora Audio and Video tools, and Adobe tools. Heidi will demonstrate real life examples from her courses.

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