LUC 2017 Training Instructors Share the Scoop on Each of Their Classes

LUC 2017

Each year, at the Lectora® User Conference, we offer a few carefully selected pre-conference training classes. Training is a great way to kick start a great LUC experience, and this year is no different.At LUC 2017, we’re offering a range of classes, based on your Lectora skill level—so there’s something for everyone. You can choose from Lectora Intermediate, Lectora Extreme/Games, and Extending Lectora With Scripting.So, what exactly can you expect from each of these classes? I asked the Trivantis® training instructors to share what they find valuable and noteworthy (meaning you should sign up before someone else snatches your spot) about their classes.Here you go:

Jennifer Valley, Trivantis Community Manager, on the Lectora Intermediate class:

“I enjoy conducting the Intermediate training because it talks about some really interesting topics, like audio events and variables, that aren’t necessarily hard but do take a bit of base knowledge and coaching to effectively understand. Usually, the people who join are already invested Lectora users, so the eagerness to participate brings a lot of energy to the session.”

Tip: Lectora Online users—the Intermediate class is taught using Lectora desktop, but it’s easy to follow along with Lectora Online too!

Daryl Fleary, Trivantis Product Manager, on the Lectora Extreme/Games class:

“As many people have said, ‘If you can imagine it, you can achieve it with Lectora!’ But to achieve it, you will quite often need to use the real power in Lectora: variables. We created the Extreme/Games class to really highlight ways in which you can use Lectora's—and Lectora Online's— built in functionality and variables to do creative things. I love teaching this class because it is highly interactive and largely class-directed. Our planned agenda is really just a springboard to spur creative ideas in the participants and then use the techniques we've discussed to collectively figure out how to achieve them.”

John Blackmon, Trivantis Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, on the LUC-exclusive Extending Lectora With Scripting class:

“I love teaching the Extending Lectora With Scripting class because it gives me the opportunity to really dig into and show off the geeky stuff you can do with Lectora. Attendees walk away with a totally different perspective on how far they can take a Lectora course.”

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