LUC 2017 Recap: Put More Bark in Your Bite-Sized Video: GoAnimate and Microlearning

LUC 2017 Session Recap

At this year’s Lectora® User Conference in Cincinnati, Amanda Morgan, Marketing Manager of GoAnimate, presented how to “Put More Bark in Your Bite-Sized Video: GoAnimate and Microlearning.” GoAnimate is a cloud-based animated video creation tool. If you subscribe to both GoAnimate and Lectora Online, you can publish videos from GoAnimate into Lectora Online with one click.. During the session, Amanda laid down her top tips for creating bite-sized learning.

Take things into consideration

What’s your budget? What timeframe do you have to work in? What resources do you have at your disposal? What is your training goal? Who is your project stakeholder?


Consider your scenario, narration, characters, and location.

Develop your character

Answer the questions “Who is the person? What do they look like? What kind of backstory do they have?” (Something I didn’t know: use GoAnimate’s Character Creator to build your person from head to toe. Duh!)

Write a script

Bullet out your main points, then be sure to read the script out loud. Make sure it’s conversational and flows easily off the lips. If there’s more than one voice, be sure to conduct a table read.


storyboarding example

My notes on how Amanda recommended setting up your storyboard.

Add in signaling

Add in nonverbal clues to provide signals as to how the person feels. Examples include head placement, pointing, facial expressions, and vocal emphasis.

Consider audio

Amanda recommends adding in a background track to almost any project. It adds an emotional tone and a steady noise for your ear to focus on while watching the video. Use friendly and well-spoken individuals (internal or external). Also, avoid speech to text, unless you like that “Siri sound.” Instead, use speech to text to help during the storyboard process and have a scratch track that you can use for action coordination and to establish an overall flow. (Something else I didn’t know: included within the product is a listing of companies that you can hire for professional voiceover services). She also recommends recording and saving in chunks.

For more information on GoAnimate, check out the following article in the Trivantis® Community: Export GoAnimate Videos Right into Lectora.Thanks for a great LUC 2017 session on GoAnimate, Amanda! For more eLearning tips and the latest info about what’s happening at Trivantis, subscribe to the Trivantis blog.

Amanda Morgan GoAnimate breakout session

Amanda Morgan from GoAnimate presenting at LUC 2017