How Auto-Owners Insurance Is Using CourseMill and Lectora to Create and Deliver Self-paced Training

Lectora, CourseMill, and Auto-Owners Insurance logos

Non-linear and self-paced eLearning allows learners to have choice and the opportunity to finish training quickly. Recently, I spoke with Zoa Bonofiglio and Andy Lockwood in the training department at Auto-Owners Insurance to hear how they’ve been creating eLearning just like this. The example below is from the virtual training room they created—how cool![caption id="attachment_94937" align="alignnone" width="489"]

The virtual training room

The virtual training room[/caption]Let’s take a look at the case study to see how Zoa and Andy created this awesome and engaging self-paced training.


Auto-Owners Insurance is the 16th largest insurer in the United States and has been in business for over 100 years. Each department has a training team that creates specific training for associates in the corresponding department. In the Claims Education and Training department, Zoa Bonofiglio is a Training Coordinator and the Instructional Designer. Andy Lockwood is a Training Coordinator and the Instructional Developer in the same department.

When Zoa joined the company, Auto-Owners Insurance had just implemented CourseMill® as their learning management system (LMS), which was chosen by a collective team. At that time, Auto-Owners Insurance was already using Lectora® Inspire as their authoring tool. They’ve also added ReviewLink™, an online review tool, in the last year.


Auto-Owners Insurance needed an LMS to keep track of associate training. In the Claims Education and Training department where Andy and Zoa work, they needed an LMS that would track how employees work through different training courses.

Specifically, they needed to deliver employee training that is non-linear (in addition to the already-created linear training). They also needed to be able to track progress and scores in this non-linear training and communicate with managers on how associates are doing through the LMS—and CourseMill was up to the task.

In Zoa and Andy’s latest curriculum for associate training and development, the team is pushing the boundaries on how they will use CourseMill. This new course is called “Claim Representative Training,” or CRT. By making this course less linear in Lectora, the end user has more choices, so they’ll be asking CourseMill to communicate with managers in different ways than before.

Want to see the results and more screenshots of the training? Read the full Auto-Owners Insurance case study.