Contest 17: Branching Out Recap

Branching Out Recap

For the month of December, we asked Trivantis® Community members to use BranchTrack, the newest addition to our Lectora® Inspire Tools lineup. For those of you who aren’t familiar, BranchTrack is a way to easily create and import scenario-based exercises within Lectora. Let’s take a look at how the contest entrants used BranchTrack and Lectora.Amy Hagen created her first Trivantis Community Contest submission. Thanks, Amy! She created a complex branching scenario template using PowerPoint and then recreated it within BranchTrack. A very helpful piece of content for anyone wanting a head start on course creation.

Pathways of the branching scenario

Andy Lockwood, a regular participant, created a scenario talking about expanding an eLearning developer’s toolbox and using the three c’s. Don’t know what that is? Check it out here. By creating his example, he was not only exposed to the new software but also was able to take his findings back to his employer. The conversation and choices will make you chuckle, so be sure to check it out.

Example from the scenario

Our contest winner, Alexis Scott, created a module on tornado safety—taking a current work requirement and playing around with how to present it. The course also includes Pantone’s Color of the Year (Greenery).

Example from Tornado Preparedness scenario

For my example, I created a scenario taking Lectora users through the thought process of signing up for the 2017 Lectora User Conference. For more details, please visit Fun fact: the background image is an actual peek inside the venue!

LUC 2017 scenario example

Stephen Taylor, another contest veteran, created a scenario talking about bike safety over in the UK. In his scenario, the course has a subversive feel with sounds and extra imagery. Plus, I like the use of real life images.

Example from bike safety scenario

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