A 360-Degree View of the 2020 Holidays — Hindsight is 20/20

Play Our Easter Egg Hunt — CenarioVR®

2020 is shaping up as an unusual year. Instead of Easter egg hunts and big Passover seders, we got stuck with Zoom's Brady Bunch-style gallery interface to connect with friends and family instead.

Things could be worse. Thank goodness for technology, and thank goodness for creativity! When you can't enjoy cultural activities in person, you can at least enjoy them through virtual reality.

Leave it to John Blackmon to entertain us despite an isolating situation. Using CenarioVR®, he created his immersive Easter Egg Hunt game in under an hour! The game is incredibly addictive and proves the power of engagement. If you can't run around searching for eggs outside, at least we can have fun collecting them in his backyard virtually! Or, can you can make your own version by downloading the source file from the Trivantis® Community.

Why Engagement Matters Now More Than Ever

Whether you're working from home or spending a holiday in isolation, the COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity to do more with technology. Since in-person interactions are (mostly) eliminated, you can still introduce learners to new environments using virtual reality.

From touring new facilities to learning new healthcare protocols, deliver a better experience with less work than you'd imagine. Easily switch out your slide back-drop with a 360-degree photograph or video!

Thanks to our friends at eLearnChat, you can watch John as he brings his Easter egg hunt idea into virtual reality. Later in the video, John demonstrates another timely and vital use of CenarioVR — creating a virtual training environment for healthcare workers.

Just Like Lectora®

Similar to creating slides within a traditional course authoring application, you set the scene with a spherical image or an immersive 360-degree video. Then add hotspots, questions, and points of interactivity.

Add more depth to your immersive learning by building conditional branching with varied outcomes, actions, and quizzes. Or, you can engage learners with real-time score updates for exams, answers, and responses.

Furthermore, as CenarioVR supports SCORM formats, xAPI, cmi5, and HTML, you can publish to Lectora, your preferred learning management system (LMS), the web, mobile device, or nearly any virtual reality headset. Plus, you can also embed your CenarioVR module right into your Lectora course.

Join Us Virtually

To explore new ways to train employees almost in person, find out how Miles and Duncan from Transition Associates solved VR training challenges at the next Inspiration Wednesday webinar. Or, watch your idea come to fruition by signing up for a free trial to experience CenarioVR in action.