The Best of eLearning in September 2015


I know we said that August was a lively month here at Trivantis—I’m going to say it about September too. This month we released a new version of ReviewLink™, our online collaboration tool (sign up for a free trial). We’ve also been getting ready for DevLearn 2015 (stop by booth #239 and say hello), where we’re excited to be talking about Responsive Course Design™ (RCD) in Lectora®.

Here are some more September news and eLearning how-to articles:

1. Why You Need the New ReviewLink

This article shares all the details on the latest version of ReviewLink, such as how you can now upload Captivate® and Storyline® courses in addition to publishing Lectora titles for review. Plus, take a look at how a few companies used ReviewLink to save time and run a successful course pilot.

2. How and Why: GreenScreen eLearning Video

Erik Lord of eLearning Chef talks about greenscreening in this article and accompanying video. He covers how to buy your own green screen and set up your own studio to record a presenter (you can use Camtasia®), along with why greenscreening is an effective eLearning technique that you can use to efficiently create videos that personalize the online learning experience.

3. Nuts and Bolts: Social Media for Learning Part 1: Extending, Including, Supporting

Jane Bozarth’s Nuts and Bolts column for Learning Solutions Magazine is always a good read, and this article was an interesting and in-depth look at using social tools to stay connected with learners such as Pinterest boards for onboarding.

4. Accessibility: How to Order Title Objects in Lectora

In this how-to article, Web Application Architect Joe Payne explains how to order objects in your Lectora eLearning course so that a screen reader software like JAWS can read them in a logical order for learners with visual impairments.

5. Lectora Basics: What Is a Variable?

If you’ve ever been confused about variables, this post is for you. In this article, Wendy Miller explains the concept of variables using an interactive piece (that she built in Lectora!) to show you exactly what a variable is. Stay tuned for more posts like these from Wendy, including post number two in the Lectora Basics series—an intro to eLearning authoring with Lectora.

Bonus RCD post by Sergey Snegirev, who will also be at DevLearn with the Trivantis team: Preparing for Responsive Course Design: 5 Things You Should Be Doing Now Anyway.

What interesting eLearning articles did you read this month? Share them in the comments below.

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