The Best of eLearning in October 2015


It’s almost the end of October, which means two things:

  1. It’s almost Halloween!
  2. It’s time for the Best of eLearning in October!

I know you’ve been waiting all month for our wrap-up of the best eLearning info out there. Or maybe you’ve been waiting all month for Halloween—I must confess I have. Either way, I have five great articles to share with you this month. Check them out and be sure to share your top articles in the comments.

  1. Trivantis Announces Responsive Course Design for Its Desktop Authoring Tool, Lectora
  2. I think this quote from John Blackmon, Chief Technology Officer at Trivantis, sums Responsive Course Design™ in Lectora® up nicely: “It’s a multi-device world we live in, and Trivantis is bringing you the tools you need to produce eLearning content for all of them. With Lectora, you can truly publish once and distribute everywhere.”
  3. Design Dos & Don’ts: Fonts and Text
  4. Instructional designers are often expected to be graphic designers too, even if they don’t have any design experience. Christie Wroten interviewed our Trivantis designers for the Everything eLearning Blog and got some tips for eLearning developers.
  5. What’s in Your eLearning Style Guide?
  6. This guest post on the eLearning Brothers Blog fills my heart with joy. It’s all about consistent style and branding in your eLearning courses. Those little details really do make your course look more professional and can influence how your learners feel about your course.
  7. 7 Golden Rules Of Learning
  8. Connie Malamed, the eLearning Coach, created this list for a client “to teach SMEs a few basics about instruction and learning as they design their lessons.” It’s a very handy resource to have when working with subject matter experts.
  9. Everyday Workplace Learning: A quick primer
  10. Jane Hart shares some thoughts on everyday learning—the learning that takes place every day while individuals are carrying out their jobs.

And in the spirit of Halloween, I have one last bonus treat for you… If you’re making a desktop eLearning course that can use Flash, this free ghost game from the eLearning Brothers is adorable! Get the game here: Freebie Friday: Ghost Chaser Flash Game.