The Best of eLearning in June 2016


Ah June—the month of summer vacations here in the States. It’s also the month of high humidity here in Cincinnati, great webinars, and Trivantis® Community contests! Take a look below at what’s been going on in the eLearning world this month.Featured Community Post: Contest 11The challenge: create a custom, interactive resume in Lectora®. After all, what better way for an instructional designer to provide a concrete example of his or her skills? Check out the contest details, and be sure to swing by and look at the entries so far. I’ve shared a few entries below to get you started.

  • Community Manager Jennifer Valley provided a great sample course to inspire others.
  • Andy Lockwood from Auto-Owners Insurance revealed a strong contender in his permanent record.
  • In Marketing, we don’t always get to play around with Lectora as much as other departments, but I like to dabble. For a healthy dose of memes and puppy pics, check out my entry for Contest 11.

Grab the popcorn—there are new Lectora webinars to watch!Learn from Australian Lectora user, Travers Owers, and Jennifer Valley, our Community Manager, how you can build a fit foundation for your eLearning course. Hint: protein shakes don’t work on Lectora, but strong Title Explorers do!

Webinar: Building a Stronger Title Explorer

Once you have a strong Title Explorer, you can start to work those action groups. eLearning Brother Tim Ball reprised his 2016 Lectora User Conference presentation in this great webinar:

Webinar: Lectora Action Groups: Building It Smarter, Making It Easier

Have another resource to add to the list? Share it in the comments below.